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Upgrade - Airpax motors
Upgrade - Haydon motors

Hardware Upgrade for IMPAX Automatic Protein Crystallization System

A new intelligent electronic controller provides:

  • Increased user-friendliness
  • Software for Windows XP
  • Little or no user training required
  • Powerful new experimental designs
  • Includes 2 days installation and demonstration
  • New programs including:

    Wasp & WaspRunW for screening for new crystallization conditions
    Xstep for Optimization of crystals
    Front Panel which shows the valves and syringes graphically


  mcc.gif (2435 bytes) 


  XSTEP.gif (9515 bytes) 


  motors3.gif (3105 bytes) 


Software for powerful new
experimental designs

Faster motors


If your XYZ Plateloader has motors that are labeled Haydon, please click here

If your XYZ Plateloader has motors that are not labeled Haydon, or are labeled Airpax, please click here




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