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Oct. 2003 The company has announced a competition for the best research project using the new Douglas Vapor Batch Plate, or the Crystal Clear Strips.  The competition aims to encourage practical advances that are helpful to other users, original ideas, and discoveries that increase the understanding of crystallization.
Jun. 2003 Douglas Instruments has compiled a summary of studies comparing microbatch and vapor diffusion in screening experiments.  Combining the results of all studies, microbatch found a total of 392 hits, compared to vapor diffusion which found 340.  References are given.
Feb. 2001 Douglas Instruments has defined an interface for importing and exporting experimental data from XSTEP, its optimization software.  This interface uses the XML standard.
Dec. 1999 Douglas Instruments has a job opportunity for a junior programmer
Sep. 1999 Douglas Instruments has released a table for reordering Crystal Screen I
Jun. 1999 Research: analysis of open reading frames from Pyrococcus furiosus genome sequence shows three main clusters of proteins
Apr. 1999 Douglas Instruments offers a Windows upgrade to users with DOS-based IMPAX systems
Apr. 1999 Douglas Instruments has started a discussion group
Mar. 1999 Douglas Instruments has released information on Year 2000 compliance.
Feb. 1999 Douglas Instruments is seeking a partner to exploit microbatch crystallization for large-scale automatic crystallization projects including structural genomics.  Studies have shown that microbatch is roughly as efficient as vapor diffusion for screening (more efficient in terms of time and material) and it is widely used for optimization.  Moreover it offers great cost savings, reduces the storage requirement for trays, and facilitates viewing.
Feb. 1999 Douglas Instruments releases new software.  The new package gives increased user-friendliness and powerful new experimental designs, and uses a new controller for IMPAX and Oryx.  The package includes Wasp for screening for new crystallization conditions and Xstep for Optimization of crystals.
Jan 1999 Douglas Instruments has published a paper on practical experimental design techniques for protein crystallization.
Jan. 1999 Douglas Instruments has moved.    Douglas House, our new office, is 25 miles South of Oxford, UK.
Aug. 1998 Douglas Instruments introduces new CrystalClear strips.  The new version has no depression on the sample shelf, which improves viewing.  Instead there is a small circular raised platform.  The original version with depressions must still be used for solutions and screens which include low molecular weight alcohols or detergents.
Jan. 1998 IMPAX User wins Nobel Prize.  John Walker, who works at the MRC laboratory at Cambridge, recently won a Nobel prize for his work on how ATP is produced at the membranes of a mitochondrion.  He regularly uses IMPAX in his current work.

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