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December 2004

Dear New User of Oryx,

Thank you for ordering Oryx, our automatic protein crystallization system. Before we visit you to install the system, it would be helpful if you could equip yourselves with the following items - part numbers and a list of suppliers can be found at

Pentium Computer with at least 64MB RAM, at least 1024 x 768 screen resolution, CD ROM drive and a serial port. 
The computer must run under MS Windows 2000/XP (XP Recommended)

Notebook PCs often don't have serial ports or the required screen resolution. Please take extra care of these issues when considering a notebook.

Spare mains electricity socket

Nunc-Immuno™ Modules, framed (F8 PolySorp    Part Code:469078)

Light Paraffin Liquid (a few liters)

Silicone fluid 200/1cs (around 1 liter)

We will in any case bring enough materials to install and test the system.  In addition, the following facilities would be useful:


A telephone near your bench. This is very useful since it allows us to explain new software, to install new software, solve problems etc. on the telephone. A cordless phone or a long extension would do!

2 meters of bench space!

Please could you prepare some proteins and buffers so that we can try out the system during the installation. Note that the protein and precipitants should be as concentrated as possible. If possible, the protein concentration should be 1.5 times that used in vapor diffusion, and the precipitants should be saturated.

We look forward to installing your system.

Best regards,

Douglas Instruments


                                                 ©2004 Douglas Instruments Ltd