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The Major Differences between Oryx 6 and IMPAX 1-5


  • IMPAX did microbatch crystallization well, and vapor diffusion in a very limited way. (VD experiments must generally be done with CrystalClear strips, which are sealed with tape.)  Some users only use IMPAX for screening with microbatch.  Others use IMPAX mainly for optimization with microbatch, especially to determine the phase diagram of a protein very quickly.

  • Oryx can do everything that IMPAX does with microbatch.  Moreover, Oryx can add oil to each well immediately after dispensing a microbatch experiment - this is more accurate than the method used by IMPAX where droplets are dispensed under the oil.  

  • Its greater accuracy makes Oryx more suitable for very small volume experiments - using as little as 0.1ul of protein + 0.1ul of screening solution.  IMPAX could work with 0.2ul of protein + 0.2ul of screening solution.

  • Oryx can dispense 144 screening solutions in a run using microbatch (soon to be increased to 192).  IMPAX could dispense 48 screening solutions in a run using microbatch.

  • Oryx can screen efficiently and rapidly with the vapor diffusion method using CrystalClear Strips.

  • Oryx can also dispense vapor diffusion experiments using Linbro trays etc., although this requires significant user intervention.  It can oil plates (but cannot grease them at present) and you have to put the coverslips on by hand.

  • IMPAX had a small XYZ table with room for one microliters plate, and it has one arm. Oryx has a much larger XYZ table with room for three Linbro plates.   Oryx has two arms, one for large volumes of solution, the other for small.

  • IMPAX had five liquid channels, Oryx six. The extra channel on Oryx is for large volumes.

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